Shh… it’s a surprise for Sarah…
This past weekend we flew back to Arizona to celebrate one of our closest college friend’s 30th birthday. When planning to surprise someone it’s usually easiest to have as little communication with the person as possible in the time leading up to the big day. We, however, found ourselves in an opposite situation. Sarah seemed to call more often than normal in these past two weeks, and neither one of us is particularly good at keeping a secret.

It is always fun to get an invitation in the mail. These works of art were made by Sarah’s childhood friend, Leigh, who is an extremely talented graphic designer. They included all the details we needed for our weekend trip to Arizona; the itinerary, packing suggestions, and contact information.

Standing in the airport waiting to surprise Sarah was quite a fun experience. The girls brought tags for us to wear with Sarah’s childhood picture on them, handmade signs, party hats, and horns. As we waited nervously for Sarah to arrive, we had fun asking passersby where they had flown in from and Sarah was definitely surprised to see us!

Oregano’s is our favorite place to go every time we visit Arizona. Their thin crust pizzas and humongous salads are delicious, but the original pizookie is the real reason for why they are always busy. Sarah hardly finished blowing out her birthday candle before we devoured this cookie and ice cream perfection.


This was our first time staying at the W Hotel, located right in the heart of  Scottsdale, Arizona and we would definitely go back. We love that it is walking distance to cool bars, restaurants, and the Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall. It has comfortable rooms, a swanky lounge, and a beautiful pool by day turned music bumping hot spot by night. We couldn’t help but notice all of the personal touches, like how these rugs get switched out at different times of the day.

Leigh and Sarah’s younger sister, Debbie, went all out with the decorations, and their attention to detail was impeccable. From the custom labels on the water bottles, to the candy bar, the tissue paper pom poms, the framed pictures, and the Happy Birthday sign, every aspect of the decor followed an overall look and color scheme.


The girls also brought sparkly birthday candles and a small gift to each meal to remind us all why we were there! The tags had cute sayings that read, “30 Never ____________ So Good,” which hinted to the gifts inside. The Vig (where we spent Friday night) is one of Tami’s favorite restaurants / bars. The laid back atmosphere was a perfect place to share appetizers and a meal, a yummy dessert, and a nice glass of Sauvignon Blanc.

Saturday morning was spent at the Farmer’s Market, where we ate yet another meal followed by yet another dessert. The rest of the day was spent relaxing by the pool. Who knew it could be 80 degrees in February? In this picture you can catch a small glimpse of another one of our girl’s weekend activities, mani-pedis. We fell in love with Lucky Lucky Lavendar by OPI.

That night we went out to dinner and dancing all dolled up in our “LBD’s” (Little Black Dresses). First stop was Olive and Ivy where we enjoyed tasting bruschettas, white sangria, amazing chocolate cake, and singing “Happy Birthday” at the top of our lungs. Followed by a short stop at Mint and then back to the W for poolside drinks and mingling.

It’s always hard to say goodbye after such a great weekend. Luckily, Sarah’s parents hosted a brunch at Arcadia Farms to prolong the inevitable. These adorable gift bags (including a note pad, blank cards, and a copy of the custom CD that was made for the weekend) were sitting at our seats along with a bag of “Cupid Corn” when we arrived. After the final cake was eaten and birthday song was sung, we surprised Sarah, yet again, with notes and poems we had written and words from the heart.

Somehow our travel posts tend to always be focused on food. Nice meals out and relaxing by the pool is just what we needed for our weekend girl’s getaway. We are so happy to have been able to celebrate Sarah’s 30th birthday with her and all of her closest friends. We hope to have given you ideas on how to spend a girl’s weekend and places to go if you are ever in the Phoenix area.


Remember back to your elementary school days? For us Valentine’s Day was full of stomach aches from all the sweets we consumed, excitement (Will the boy I think is cute give me a valentine?), and red and pink craft projects. We absolutely loved decorating brown paper lunch bags to place on our desks that would be filled with cards and candy by the end of the day. When we got home on Valentine’s Day, each envelope was carefully opened and examined. The cards were so special (even though they came in a box from the market with different cartoon characters on the front). We feel that you are never too old to enjoy the fun of giving and receiving valentines.

This year we decided to make our own homemade valentines to pass out on a girl’s weekend.  Girlfriends are known to appreciate these tokens of affection. We began this project by going through all of our used scrapbook materials; pulling all the scraps in the pink, red, and silver families. This produced a variety of options for making one of a kind vintage inspired cards. The small details add so much to each card. Here are some tips to making your own valentines:

  • vintage postcard scrapbook paper makes an interesting background
  • embellish with ruby red rhinestones
  • vintage images (like the ones found on many of these cards) can be found at Michael’s
  • contrasting patterns makes a statement
  • a silver metallic paper heart mirrors the letters on top of it
  • use cute stickers that include a Valentine message
  • use cute letter stickers to spell out your hugs and kisses
  • border two contrasting patterns with evenly spaced rhinestones
  • use 3-D flowers to give your card some dimension

  • keep the inside of your card simple; a quick message bordered by a coordinating pattern

Don’t forget to add a little candy to the envelope. To this day our mom still gives us a box of Conversation Hearts for Valentine’s Day every year, and we love it just as much as we did when we were kids. Happy Valentine’s Day to our readers!

This past weekend we attended our friend Sim’s baby shower. It was a really special day at the top of the Huntley Hotel with hot tea, mini desserts, and great conversations between girls. Here’s a look into how we gifted the new parents-to-be, Tobi and Sim, and their little baby girl to come.

Shopping for baby gifts is so much fun. We find ourselves ooh-ing and aah-ing over each adorable piece of clothing and accessory. When Sim’s tummy had no more than just a “bean” inside, we had a little chat about how she would dress her new daughter. She shared with us that she was not into frill and fuss on babies. Sim wanted to dress her baby in mini versions of her own style. These adorable Ralph Lauren “skinny” jeans from Bloomingdale’s reminded us of something she would wear.

The new parents-to-be are Aussies who love LA. In fact, they moved here a few years ago so Tobi could be closer to his beloved Lakers. Therefore, this onesie (also from Bloomingdale’s) will be a very appropriate addition to their daughter’s wardrobe.

Tobi and Sim love their dogs even more than they love Los Angeles. In fact, Tobi works in the pet industry selling pet products. We thought this book, “If I Were a Puppy” from Bloomingdale’s, was too cute to pass up with it’s silky smooth dog ears and tail for the baby to touch. It is fitting for a child who will inevitably be a dog-lover too.

This Blabla brand doll from AFK (where Lauren works) completes the gift. Besides it being cute, this brand makes toys that are not only soft and washable but organic as well, and we love the knit look.

We threw all of these precious baby gifts into a big black and white striped bag, fitting for a mom who doesn’t like pink frills, and tied it off with a black and white ribbon. The red sparkly tissue paper added a funky touch and was unexpected for a baby shower gift.

The homemade card was the finishing touch and included wishes for all three members of this family; mom, dad, and new baby girl. The quote on the front reads, “Flowers and children bloom when showered with love”, which we thought was just too perfect for a baby shower gift. 
We wish our friends, Tobi and Sim, the best of luck with their upcoming addition to their family. We know they will be amazing parents. We look forward to meeting their new daughter and seeing her dressed as stylish as her mom.
We each got excited to decorate our homes for Valentine’s Day this year. Valentine’s decor is all about shades of red and pink, hearts and flowers, and other romantic details. Here’s a look into how we each worked our decorations into our own existing home decor.

T Side (Tami): I added a couple simple details to my already existing decor to make my adorable single girl studio feel more romantic. My color palette consisted of red, hot pink, and silver. 

It’s been nice and warm during the days here in Los Angeles, but the nights are still chilly. I threw this warm red blanket over my cream comforter to keep me cozy at night.

These Life Saver Gummies are berry flavored, rich Valentine colored, and look adorable in my heart-shaped dish.

Red wine and candy make for a scrumptious Valentine’s Day treat.

I decorated my fireplace with a sparkly red heart shaped garland and an adorable wooden sign channeling what I hope to find this Valentine’s Day.

L Side (Lauren): Red details were added to my living area to add a pop of color and just a little something extra this Valentine’s Day. Candles, candy, and flowers complete the romantic look I was going for. My color palette consisted of red, black, white, and silver.

This red damask candle was just too cute to pass up and went with the color scheme perfectly.

A simple addition of something red turns an already romantic item or display into a look that is perfect for this holiday. I always love to keep an assortment of candles in this mirrored tray from Z Gallerie and the addition of red wax roses and flower petals turns an every day display into something special.

Theme colored candy adds something sweet to my bar area.

To finish off the look, I added this black table runner, white dish with floating flowers, and candles to my dining table. I can’t wait to set the table for two this Valentine’s Day.

“Sometimes we are the same, sometimes we are different, but we are always twin sisters.” As you can see we each have our own style when it comes to decorating. When decorating your space for Valentine’s Day, which “side” do you relate to most?


Projects are never finished. “Revisiting” is a new post we are adding to our repertoire. It’s a way to revisit projects from the past and show new additions that have been made. Today we are revisiting a post (College Girl) from August about our sister Maya’s dorm room. After Winter Break, she and her roommate had some ideas of how to spruce up their space and make it even more fun.

Every college student needs pictures from home to help them feel not so far away. Maya added a rhinestone to each pushpin holding up her pictures for a little sparkle.

Avoid the “Freshman 15” with an inspiration collage of magazine cutouts. Maya and her roommate have posted sayings, pictures, and overall inspirational themes on their bathroom door. 
Wall decals are a fun way to decorate without having to use glue or nails on the walls. Maya bought this adorable nature themed decal at Target. 
Change of weather calls for warmer bedding. A fun throw blanket was added to Maya’s bed for warmth and a little touch of pattern. She also changed out her bedspread from white to add a pop of turquoise. 
Another project Maya incorporated on her side of the room were four cork boards which she wrapped in black and white velvet flocked wrapping paper from a Chanukkah present. These were used to hang additional pictures and college memorabilia. The girls were also in search of Christmas lights on sale after the holidays to brighten up their study space. Unfortunately, they sell quickly.  
It’s always a fun idea to change things up, whether for a new season or a new semester. Adding even one or two new things to your space will rejuvenate your environment, keeping you loving your surroundings.