We created a New Year Resolutions post last year in order to set goals for ourselves and our blog for 2012. Recently, we decided to go back and read this post to make sure that we have stayed on track. We are proud to say that not only did we surpass the goals that we set, but we truly feel like we have established ourselves as confident bloggers (with a great following) and twin sisters on their way to building a business of their own.
Just like last year, we have goals we are setting for our blog; things that are working so far, things that we would like to change, and new ideas to add. This is officially the last post of 2012, and we thought what better way to close the year than to re-cap a  full year’s worth of Interior Design and DIY projects, event planning, guest blogs, recipes, and our newest additions; Craft Club and Pining For Pinterest posts. We have set a goal for ourselves to post every Monday and Wednesday with an additional Friday bonus post once a month and have fulfilled our goal so far. We have introduced our readers into our lives as well as our creative passions, and we have shown you our own personal styles through our “T Side / L Side” posts. Here’s a reminder of the different types of posts that frequent our blog:
Interior Design – As we both work full time in our chosen fields, this year’s Interior Design projects have mainly been focused around the remodel of Lauren and Scott’s condo (as seen in our previous post: Before and After: Master Bathroom Remodel). With this large project behind us, we are anxious to fill this blog with additional projects we have underway as well as an amazing nursery to come. 
DIY (Do It Yourself) Projects Projects like these homemade holiday tags (as seen on our previous post: Bags and Tags), scrapbooking, gift wrap, and various crafts are seen on our blog monthly. We have always loved focusing on the small details when it comes to craft projects, however this year we have established a consistent look to follow while working on these types of projects. We plan to continue to create new and innovative things while keeping our “look” in mind
Event Planning  This year we worked on several projects including birthday celebrations (like this one seen on our previous post: A 60th Birthday Party), as well as our sister’s wedding and even a very special Hen’s Night. We take great pride in the time and effort that goes into the planning and decorating of these types of events. We look forward to expanding in this area of our business this year and working collaboratively to create other special events (including our very first event of the year taking place on January 1st … posts to come!)
Guest Bloggers – Once a month, guest bloggers have an opportunity to showcase their work or projects on our blog. Posts like Guest Blogger: Lovely Lilac Roomsshow a different view in various areas such as; Interior Design, event planning, craft projects, recipes, and fashion. Huge thanks go out to Rebecca, Suzy, Hannah, our mom Marcy, Design Shuffle, Scott, David, Ashlee, Darci, and Anya for their amazing posts this year. The time and dedication they have put in is greatly appreciated. Let us know if you would like to be our next guest blogger.
Bonus Posts – We have included at least one Friday bonus post per month and intend to continue. These posts (like Confetti Cake Pops) showcase treats and other creative recipes that we have recently made as well as a way to revisit our projects that we have continued to add to.
 Inspiration Through Travel – This is an occasional addition to our blog when we are fortunate enough to leave town for the weekend to celebrate a friend (as seen on our previous post: Inspiration Through Travel: Bachelorette Party in Chicagoor better yet relax in Hawaii for an entire week. We would love to continue making this a tradition, returning from each trip and showcasing what inspired us along the way.
Holidays – Holidays are a way of keeping posts relevant each month. We post home decor, craft projects, activities, and festive treats that go along with the season or upcoming holiday. This post, Haunted Graveyard, is a perfect example of an exciting project that we coordinated and brought to life.

T Side / L Side – This is a type of post that is near and dear to our hearts. We use “T Side / L Side” to give you a sneak peek into our homes and individual styles (like this post, T Side / L Side: Holiday Wrapping). “Sometimes we are the same, sometimes we are different, but we are always twin sisters.” This quote comes from one of our favorite children’s books, Just Like Me. We relate to this story because it tells of twin sisters who are a lot alike but sometimes different, just like us. This ties our entire blog theme together, as we sometimes have different styles or ways of doing things, but enjoy working on projects “Side by Side” and have even managed to merge these two different styles to create one cohesive look. 

Craft Club – Our Craft Club was started in September and is still going strong. We, along with the other members, look forward each month (as seen in our post Craft Club: Thanksgiving Place Cards) to get together and craft while munching on potluck snacks. We plan to continue this new tradition coming up with fun ideas and collaborating with other creative women.

Pining For Pinterest – This is a new addition to our blog this year and a personal favorite type of post as it allows us an opportunity to dream a little bit. Four times a year, we come up with our own individual looks (like these ones seen on our post Pining For Pinterest: Spring 2012) that coordinate with the trends of the season. 
By creating these boards, we are hoping to inspire those of you who are hosting parties in your near future or those looking to do something new with their home. Don’t worry we are just a phone call away if you need our help.

 Side by Side Design’s New Year Resolutions are as follows:

  • Continue to post every Monday and Wednesday incorporating Interior Design and DIY projects, event planning, guest bloggers, bonus posts, travel inspiration, holidays, T Side / L Side posts, Craft Club, and Pinterest inspiration.
  • Continue to grow the amount of readers who visit our blog every week inspiring them along the way.
  • Continue to take our reader’s feedback into account and tailor our posts accordingly.
  • Expand upon creating the Side by Side Design brand.
  • Continue to collaborate on various types of design and event projects, building the business as we go.
  • Continue working on fine tuning our vendor list as we collaborate with other creative individuals.
 This year we plan to Create . Coordinate . Collaborate in order to provide you with a full year of exciting blog posts in 2013. Happy New Year from Side by Side Design!
We would really love to hear from you (our readers). What kinds of resolutions or feedback do you have for us (the bloggers)? What are your favorite types of posts? What would you like to see more of? What can we add to enhance your reading experience? Any constructive criticism is welcome as well. Your comments are greatly appreciated and will be taken very seriously. 

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