Sometimes friends ask for help with the design of their homes or apartments. In this case, Mary had been living in the same place for a while and was ready for some redecorating.


Mary found this photo on www.decorpad.com as inspiration for her bedroom. She wanted a sweet, feminine look that is mostly white, with soft green and pink accent pieces, mixed with dramatic black and white.


To achieve Mary’s vision, we added this adorable green pillow, a decorative candle, and bedside table from West Elm. We also chose this vase from CB2, silk flowers from Michael’s, and Paris book box from Z Gallerie to give Mary’s bedroom a finished look.


This white lacquer desk along with matching stationary holders, additional candles, and decorative glass bottle were also purchased at West Elm.


We added this rose painting to Mary’s dining area for a splash of color. Fresh flowers from the Beverly Hill’s Flower Market will complete any room.



Mary’s living room was decorated in stages. We first added a funky zebra print rug and then these red accent pieces.


No project is ever complete. Mary has asked us to help her give a finished look to the rest of her bedroom. Ideas include: changing the color of her dresser to a soft green and adding new hardware from Anthropologie. She also wants to replace her old mirror with a funky vintage one and add a large black and white photograph above her bookcase; something big city inspired like London or New York. We are looking forward to helping Mary again.


Exactly one month after their wedding, Scott and Lauren decided they should celebrate by planning a special Date Night.

Don’t let your beautiful new china sit in the cabinet. Why not set the table for two on the one month anniversary of your wedding.


Lauren made Scott a special dinner reminiscent of a meal they shared on their Honeymoon in Puerto Rico; salmon with kalamata olives, capers, and homemade tomato sauce made with heirloom tomatoes over penne pasta, and an artichoke to share.


Scott kept up his tradition of bringing Lauren white flowers for each wedding event. He knows she loves to have orchids in the house.


Times have been busy for these newlyweds with going on a Honeymoon, returning to work, and writing countless thank you notes. Lauren and Scott decided to wait to read all their wedding cards and the personal notes and advice in their sign in book until they had some more time and could truly enjoy it. What a great One Month Anniversary activity.


While planning their wedding, Lauren  and Scott had many supporters along the way. In order to show how much they truly appreciated their parents, Wedding Party, and every Bridal Shower host, Lauren created her own cards to go with beautifully wrapped gifts. Presentation is very important.



Be creative in making your own cards. They can be simple or more elaborate, but with a heartfelt note, either will go a long way. Our own personal touch: include initials either on the card itself or the envelope. It’s cute and also helps you remember which card is for who.


After all is said and done, you’re back from your honeymoon, and you are writing your dreaded thank you notes, it’s a good idea to also send your vendors some love. Drop some homemade thank you notes in the mail box for all those (Wedding Planners, Photographers, Florists) who brought your vision to life.


All our Teacher friends are getting ready for a new school year, and what better way to kick it off than with a school inspired post. For Tami, having a fresh new look to her classroom every year is extremely important. Being creative is a plus, but having a twin sister who happens to be an Interior Designer is an even bigger advantage. Last year, we chose “Vintage Inspired Carnival” as our theme. We included bright patterned fabrics with sparkly borders on the bulletin boards, popcorn boxes to hold table supplies, and tickets as incentives for good behavior. Students were greeted at their desks by large tickets saying “One Ticket for Admission into Second Grade”.

Our bold fabric choices in a variety of colors and patterns were used to make these alphabet flags. Include jewels and contrasting fabric flowers to add detail.


We used fabric scraps to make the Ferris Wheel for this bulletin board. Ripping and tying scraps together makes for a more vintage look.

Students writing about their Summer activities was later added to this bulletin board. Groups for centers were also named according to the theme: Popcorn, Lollipops, Ice Cream, and Hot Dogs.


It is always sad to take down your theme at the end of the year. However, there is no reason why these creations can’t be saved and used for other events. Why not throw a carnival themed Birthday Party or Baby Shower? We always create so that our projects can be changed and used again. Stay tuned to check out our theme for this school year coming soon…


Going to Santa Barbara with the girls is hardly a chore, but it is a lot of work. You have to book a place to stay, set up carpools, pick up food and drinks, and plan activities. It is traditionally the Maid of Honor’s job to throw the Bachelorette Party, and Tami not only took her job seriously but wanted to make it a memorable event for her twin sister.

Begin by knowing your Bride; in this case Lauren was clear about wanting a relaxing, chic weekend with no penis straws, cheesy tiaras, or sashes saying “Bride-to-Be”. So we rented an amazing house with a pool and Tami chose black, gold, and leopard print as her color scheme.

Tami’s Bachelorette Party Tips:

  • Handmade invitations are more personal than the ones you buy at the party store.


  • Although it is fun to make a reservation at a fun Mexican restaurant with margaritas for one meal, picking up food and drinks in bulk at Costco for the other meals will save everyone lots of cash.


  • Delegate tasks according to your guests strengths. In our case we had a UC Santa Barbara alum who planned a day of Wine Tasting and a night out on the town.
  • Plan party games; “Apples to Apples” is a fun one – make your own cards based on the Bride-to-Be including ex-boyfriend’s names and other topics that might bring back memories, inspire some story telling, or embarass her just a little.


  • Write an itinerary of all plans for the weekend for the guests who always need to be in the know.
  • Put together gift bags for your guests. Tami included chocolate, handwritten notes from the Bride, and a book ordered from Amazon specific to each girl (everything from “Secrets of a Jewish Mother” by Jill Zarin, to “Belly Laughs” by Jenny McCarthy for the inevitable pregnant guest, to girly books like “Chasing Harry Winston” by Lauren Weisberger).


  • Guests love personal touches.The Bachelorette wrote cards titled “I Remember When…” to each girl including memories she has had with them. Then the girls surprised her by writing cards back.


  • Throw a sexy lingerie party so the Bride-to-Be has items to fill her suitcase for her honeymoon.


  • Have fun and keep the champagne flowing!