This Sunday, our Great Grandma Mary is turning 105. No, that is not a typo. Grandma Mary was born in England in 1908. She and her mother followed her father to America through Ellis Island where Grandma Mary continued to go to school and eventually met her love (Great Grandpa Abe).

Mary and Abe at their wedding 
For many years, we were unaware of how truly lucky we are to have grown up knowing our great grandmother. We always figured this was normal. However, we were soon to find out that this is simply not the case, and to know someone who will be celebrating 105 years is about as rare as they come. So, for the past two years (right before Grandma Mary’s birthday) we have made a point of visiting her to conduct a small informal interview. 
When we arrived at Grandma Mary’s apartment last weekend, we were welcomed by the many photographs she has all over of her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. She takes great pride in announcing that her family, that means so much to her, has grown quite large, and Lauren feels proud to be adding to that by giving her her first great great grandchild. 
Grandma Mary was also quick to tell us that her birthday was coming up (as if we didn’t already know) and that the Beverly Hills Police Department would be throwing a party at the park in honor of the service she had contributed in the past to her community. 

We, however, had another agenda in our visit with Grandma Mary. We wanted to track down her “famous” lemon cake recipe. She told us that she used to make it for everybody, and even used to bring one every week to the beauty shop. We were beyond impressed when she thumbed through her recipe box to find what we had asked for and read the recipe to us without any need for glasses. She then gave us a slice from a cake a woman at the beauty salon had made for her to return the favor.

Grandma  Mary’s lemon cake is one of the things we will always remember her for, along with her chocolate chip cookies (seen on our previous post: 104 Chocolate Chip Cookies), chopped liver, and the slippers and blankets she used to make to warm us up. When we asked her how she did all of these things, she simply replied, “What I didn’t do, God!”. We have created our own slightly different version of Grandma Mary’s lemon cake to bring with us to celebrate her birthday on Sunday and hope that it will brighten her day. Here’s  to 105 years, Grandma Mary, we wish you the best in health and happiness in the year to come!


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